The reason why you might not be able to log in Facebook app and how to fix it.

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There are times when you won’t be able to log in from the official Facebook app.

This is a common inconvenience, and there are various causes for it.

Refer to the causes and solutions presented in this article if you’re having trouble logging in.


Reasons why you are unable to log in through the Facebook app

Below are the reasons why you are unable to log into Facebook from the app.

Check your storage

The app may not run correctly if you’re running low on free storage.

The same problems can be caused by your cache being full.

You should check on the state of your free storage and cache through the settings.

Confirm communication environment

You won’t be able to log in properly if your connection is poor.

You should check on your data consumption if using your carrier’s mobile data.

Problems with the app’s server

This is especially common after updates and maintenance to the app and is caused by excessive traffic on Facebook.

If you can’t log in even after improving the state of your device but can log in from the web version, then the problem lies with the app.

Also, you won’t be able to log in from the app if there is a problem with Facebook’s server.

If you aren’t able to log in from the web browser, there is a chance that the server is down.

Check the background

If you started the Facebook app after having used several other apps, there is a chance that the other apps are still running in the background.

Having several apps running in the background can burden your device and its network connection.


Solutions for when you’re having trouble logging into Facebook from the app

Below are the solutions to when you’re having trouble logging into Facebook through the app.

Check your storage


Verify the state of your storage space and cache from the storage settings.

You should delete the cache if it’s full and delete unwanted data and apps if you’re low on free storage space.

You should use sites like dropbox to store media related data that you need to preserve.

Doing so will free up some storage space.

You should also reboot your device after deleting unwanted cache and data.

Confirm communication environment

If you’re using your carrier’s mobile data, your connection may be restrained even if you have a strong signal depending on your data usage.

You can check your data usage from the settings, and you should switch to a WiFi connection if your connection is restricted.

Trying to log in in places where the connection is poor, such as in mountains or by rivers or underground, may lead to data loss.

You should try and use strong connections.

Problems with the app’s server

There are several things that can go wrong with an app. You should start by closing the app and restarting.

If the problem is minor it may be solved by restarting the app.

If the problem persists, it could be that the app’s update has failed or that the app itself is suffering from a bug.

If logging in doesn’t work across the board, the problem could be due to a bug with the app or server related trouble.

If your app has failed to update

If the update has failed, you should open the Facebook app page on your device’s app store and uninstall the app before reinstalling.

If there is an update button, you should hit the button and update the app.

Issues with the app and server trouble

If updating or reinstalling the app doesn’t fix the problem, the problem is with the app itself.

If that is the case, and this includes server related issues too, all you can do is wait for Facebook to come up with a solution.

Check the background

There is a chance that you have several other apps running in the background while you’re running the Facebook app.

Leaving apps running in the background can burden your device and its connection.

There are times when apps you thought you have shut down remain running, so it’s a good idea to check this and close the apps.


  • Check your storage
  • Check your network environment
  • Issues with the app’s server
  • Check the background

Those were the solutions to the main causes for you not being able to log into Facebook through the app.

Concerning these inconveniences of the Facebook app, the same symptoms can be seen in the other world-famous social networking site; Twitter.

In most cases, problems related to logging in are caused by server trouble.

You should start by checking your network environment and the storage of your device.

I hope this was of use to those who wish to use the Facebook app.