Reasons why Pokémon aren’t appearing in Pokémon GO and how to fix this problem.


In this article we’ll be looking at what causes the “Pokémon not appearing” problem in Pokémon GO and how to solve this.

You can play Pokémon GO anywhere, but my guess is that in most cases it’ll be played outdoors.

So it’d be a shame if you made the trouble to go outside only to find out that the Pokémon aren’t appearing, right?

In preparation for such times, I suggest you read this article to learn about the things that cause such a situation and how to fix the issue!

What causes the “Pokémon not appearing” problem in Pokémon GO?

You only play inside your home

In Pokémon GO, the number and kind of Pokémon that appear in a specific location are predefined.

There are also rumors that there is a higher chance of them making an appearance in busy areas.

Even if you know the kinds of Pokémon that’ll make an appearance, in many cases they won’t appear unless you move around at least a little.

The map isn’t displayed

Pokémon appear on the map, and they won’t be displayed when there is a bug in the map.

No matter how much you walk around, Pokémon GO won’t be much fun if the map is malfunctioning.

You haven’t reached the habitat

In Pokémon GO, the Pokémon who inhabit the area are displayed in the bottom right corner.

Pokémon that you have yet to capture will be represented in silhouette.

However, you may on occasion struggle to find them even if you venture outside.

The Pokémon that are displayed are definitely within a 300m radius, so there’s a big chance that you have either gone too far or in the wrong direction.

The GPS is misbehaving

There is a strong chance that the GPS itself is misbehaving if the traveled distance isn’t taken into account.

You should consider this error when your character isn’t moving on the map.

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What solutions are there to the “Pokémon not appearing” problem in Pokémon GO?

Play outside

There are Pokémon who live near your house, but there won’t be much in terms of variety and the appearance rate will be low too.

Pokémon GO was designed on the premise that it’ll be played outside, so if you wish to encounter new Pokémon you should definitely head outside.

Improve the network environment or reboot

Problems regarding the map happen more frequently when the network environment is unstable.

There are also cases where updates to Google Maps cause bugs to the map.

In such cases, there is a high chance of the issue being fixed by rebooting the game.

Relentlessly walk around the 300m radius

You just have to walk about within the 300m radius, so you should comb the area by changing direction and such.

However, Pokémon can stop appearing after a certain time so you can’t afford to be too slow about it.

Check the GPS settings

It could be that your GPS setting is switched off.

If it is turned on but you still get no signal, try switching it off before turning it back on.

Rebooting could also fix this problem.


What are the causes for the “Pokémon not appearing” problem in Pokémon GO?

  • Only playing at home
  • The map isn’t displayed
  • You haven’t reached its spawn location
  • The GPS is misbehaving

What solutions are there to the “Pokémon not appearing” problem in Pokémon GO?

  • Play outside
  • Improve the network environment or reboot
  • Walk around within the 300m radius
  • Check the GPS settings or reboot

There’s no fun in going out to play Pokémon GO if no Pokémon make an appearance, right?

I’m sure there will be many opportunities to go on an excursion this season, so make sure to fix these issues in order to enjoy Pokémon GO to the fullest!





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