Reasons why Monster Strike won’t open or won’t load and how to fix the problem


Monster Strike is an immensely popular game that is easy to play, and it would be no exaggeration to call it the number 1 smartphone game in Japan.

With the game being so popular and there being so many users, there tends to be a higher chance for bugs.

In this article we’ll be looking at the causes and solutions for a reoccurring bug in Monster Strike; not being able to open or log in to the game.

Reasons why you are unable to open or load Monster Strike

Communications environment is not good

The biggest cause for not being able to connect to the server would be an unstable signal.

You are especially prone to weak signals when you are in the mountains or underground and the game will be unstable.

Not only will Monster Strike be affected, but so will all functionalities of your smartphone.

There is insufficient storage space on your device

The problem is caused by your device’s storage space being full without there being room for new data.

Under such situations, the game may not open due to there being not enough free storage space to save new data.

The same kind of problem can occur from there being too many apps running simultaneously and filling up the cache.

Too many tasks

It may be that the inconvenience is caused by there being too many tasks running on Monster Strike.

Problems on Mixi’s side

If none of the above three, then there is a problem on the app developer, Mixi’s side.

There’s nothing you can do about this.

You should check with Mixi if it’s a bug, after which the only thing you can do is wait.

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What solutions are there when Monster Strike won’t open or load ?

Play in a better network environment

If you can’t connect due to the WiFi network environment, you should check the WiFi router of your home.

If the problem is due to a 4G network, I recommend you play in an area with a better signal coverage.

The networks tend to get crowded immediately after maintenances so letting some time pass may be another solution.

Delete unnecessary data

You should delete unnecessary apps in order to free up some storage space for new data.

If you have several apps simultaneously, use a power saving app or something to shut them all down at once.

Regularly delete tasks

Tasks tend to accumulate in Monster Strike so make it a habit to delete them regularly.

Just wait when there’s a problem on the app developer’s side

There’s nothing you can do yourself about errors, bugs and problems on the app developer’s side.

There’s no point in getting annoyed either so you should just wait patiently.


Reasons why Monster Strike won’t open or load.

  • The network environment is poor
  • Insufficient storage space
  • Too many tasks
  • Problems on mixi’s side

Solutions for when Monster Strike won’t open or load.

  • Improve your network environment
  • Create space by deleting apps and cache
  • Delete tasks
  • Just patiently wait

Not being able to open or load an app is a problem you’re bound to encounter outside of Monster Strike too.

Just knowing the solutions for such situations will spare you quite a bit of stress.

For problems on mixi’s side, you just have to understand that there’s nothing you can do about it yourself and just patiently wait for them to recover.





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