Reasons why you are unable to reinstall Monster Strike and what you can do about it


Monster Strike is the most popular game among domestic smartphone users and can be played with a simple drag motion.

The game is available for both Android and iPhone users, but you may have deleted the game in the past for some reason or another.

Seeing those around you getting excited about multiplayer mode might have changed your mind, and you may have run into trouble when trying to reinstall the game in order to join the trend.

Just for those kinds of situations, I shall show you the various causes for reinstallation related problems and solutions for reinstalling on unsupported devices.

Reasons why you are unable to reinstall Monster Strike

The most frequent reason for not being able to reinstall is that your device is no longer supported.

In such situations, the most certain solution would be to change to a different model.

However, changing your device calls for quite a budget and is not something that you can do at a whim, right?

So in this article I’ll show you how to reinstall even on an unsupported device.

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Solutions for when you are unable to reinstall Monster Strike on your unsupported device

  • Copy the URL to Monster Strike on the Google Play Store.
  • Access and paste the copied URL to [Name Or…].
  • Tap on [Download APK].
  • Download to your smartphone before opening the APK file and select install.
  • Notes will appear so tap on [Install] after reading them.
  • You are now ready for the update so go ahead and run the reinstallation.

This method is an unofficial method and so there is a possibility that it may cause some inconveniences.

Only attempt this method if you absolutely do not want to use another device or don’t plan on changing to another device anytime soon.

Please do understand that nobody can be held responsible for this.


Reasons for not being able to reinstall Monster Strike on an unsupported device.

  • Your device has ceased to be supported and you can no longer play

How to solve the problem when you can’t reinstall Monster Strike because your device is no longer supported.

  • Although this is an unofficial method and is quite risky, use []
  • Simply change your device

What I showed you in this article are solutions to not being able to reinstall Monster Strike due to your device no longer being supported.

There is a variety of inconveniences that aren’t limited to the above and the causes as well as the solutions will be different for each one of them.

I’ve written other articles that go into detail on these inconveniences as well as solutions for them so please do give them a read.

And please do not forget that the solution presented in this article remains an unofficial method and that it should not be used unless in an emergency.

Use it only if you’re ready to accept that it may cause some other issues on your device.





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