Reasons why you’re unable to log in to Clash of Clans and how to fix them

You might wonder why you’re being unable to log in to Clash of Clans sometimes.
Hopefully, we can resolve some of those questions in this article.

Reasons why you might be unable to log in to Clash of Clans

Unstable internet connection

You might be unable to log in if your internet connection is unstable.
To solve this problem, if you’re using data on your phone, move to an area with better coverage, or a wi-fi environment.
There’s lot of wi-fi spots across town these days, so see if this might help you.

Update your OS

Your OS not being up to date might cause issues with the Clash of Clans log in.
In this case, updating your OS to the latest version may resolve the issue.
If you’re using an iPhone, you can do this by going to Settings → General → Software Update.

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The app is unstable

An unstable app itself can cause log in issues sometimes.
Quit the app through the Multitask window.
When you open the app again, your problem might be resolved and you might be able to log in to the app.

App developers experiencing system error

Updated data might be unavailable for download if the app developers are experiencing system errors.
If this is the case, you should be able to see a message notifying you of this, for example, that they’re undergoing maintenance at the time.
You will have to wait until the maintenance is over in order to be able to log in again.
Playing some other games until the wait is over, might not be such a bad idea.


  • Unstable internet connection can cause log in errors
  • Updating your OS can solve log in errors
  • The app itself might be unstable sometimes
  • System error on the app developers’ part can cause log in issues

Above were some of the reasons why you might be having issues logging in to Clash of Clans, and how you can fix them. Try any one of them to see if it might help.