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Why your map isn’t appearing in Pokémon GO and how to solve this.



In this article we’ll be looking at what causes the “map not appearing” problem in Pokémon GO and how to fix this issue.

In Pokémon GO, the map is used to show your own position as well as nearby Pokémon.

However, if you can’t bring the map out, not only will you not know your own location but no Pokémon will appear either.

I’ve written up on the possible reasons for your map not coming up and how to fix the problem, I hope this can help you out!


Why your map doesn’t appear in Pokémon GO

A large part of this inconvenience is down to the network environment being unstable.

The map in Pokémon GO is displayed and refreshed by the Smartphone’s GPS signal.

For this reason, a bad network environment can lead to the GPS signal not getting through, causing such inconveniences.

Switching the GPS to off in the settings will also prevent you from playing Pokémon GO.

Other examples of inconveniences experienced from this cause include PokéStops, where you can collect items such as Pokéballs and potions, to not react.

Some people go out just to get to PokéStops, and if you live in the countryside they’re far and few between.

In some cases this can be due to some problems on the part of Niantic, so you should consider that possibility too.

スポンサード リンク

What should you do when you can’t open the map in Pokémon GO?

You should play where the network environment is stable

The GPS connection is essential in Pokémon GO.

As Pokémon GO is mostly played outdoors, you can frequently run into network issues.

Wi-Fi connectivity is limited too.

You could say that not playing Pokémon GO in environments that aren’t conducive to internet connectivity, such as in the mountains or underground, could be a practical solution.

I recommend you look for a place where you can make use of a stable connection and base your playing area around that spot.

You should also check whether your location service is switched on or not.

Stay put while the servers are down

There’s nothing much you can do about this as a user.

The only thing you can do is calmly wait for Niantic to sort things out.

You can easily stay informed on all inconveniences via social media.


What causes the maps to not appear in Pokémon GO?

  • The network environment is unstable and your GPS signal isn’t visible
  • Niantic’s server is down
  • Your location service is set to off

What can I do when the map doesn’t appear in Pokémon GO?

  • Play in a place where the network environment is stable
  • Stay put when the server is down
  • Check the settings for your location services

For a game such as Pokémon GO where location information is so important, a problem such as the map not being displayed is truly damaging.

I’m sure many of you actually go out on excursions just to play the game, and so I hope that these advices can be of help if you ever come across such problems.

The server being down is one thing you just can’t do anything about, so you should just calmly wait it out.

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