The reasons behind slow launch times in Pokémon GO and how to solve them | アプリ不具合まとめ

The reasons behind slow launch times in Pokémon GO and how to solve them



In this article we’ll be looking at causes behind Pokémon GO not launching or launching slowly and how to solve them.

It is my belief that Pokémon GO is a game that will continue to be played for a long time, and the slow launch is a rather frequent problem.

This slow launch time can lead to the game not launching at all if left alone, so let’s have a look at some of the solutions.


What causes are there for slow launch speeds or launch failures in Pokémon GO?

@ Not using recommended ОS or mobile devices for which operations are guaranteed

There are mobile devices that are either recommended or on which operations are guaranteed for mobile games such as Pokémon GO.

Various issues may come to hand if your mobile device doesn’t come under either of these cases.

You also need to watch out for data updates, as there is a possibility that your current device may stop being supported following such updates.

You cheated

Your mobile device may lose its operating guarantee if you use unauthorized tools or bring modifications to your device.

Problems may not stop at the game not launching or launching slowly, leading on to more severe problems.

B Insufficient storage space on your device

More and more storage space will be needed for the new data from updates.

The game may not launch or launch slowly if the available storage space is insufficient.

? Insufficient memory on your device

Although rare, on some occasions your device may run into a lack of available memory if you keep several apps running simultaneously.

This could lead to the game not launching or launching slowly.

D The communication environment is unstable

The lines can get congested with the data from the updates, in some occasions causing slow launch times immediately after these updates.

The same can be said in areas where you have a bad signal.

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What solutions are there when Pokémon GO doesn’t launch or when launch times are slow?

@ Swap your mobile device for one that runs under the recommended OS or on which operation is guaranteed

The easiest solution would be to change your mobile device itself.

For those who can’t immediately change models, it is important to not play for the time being.

A Do not cheat

Normal usage of your Smartphone causes no harm, so make sure you don’t do anything unnecessary!!

B Delete or move unnecessary data

Storing too many unused apps or photos can cause a lack of sufficient storage space.

You should regularly delete or move these to free up some space.

? Close applications

Regularly closing the apps prevents too much cache from piling up and can also positively affect battery life.

D Play in a stable communication environment

If you’re playing at home, you should remedy any problems your Wi-Fi router may have.

You should leave a space of about an hour before resuming play after updates.


What causes Pokémon GO to not launch or to launch slowly?

  • You are using an uncertified device or a non-recommended device
  • You cheated by modifying your device and such
  • Insufficient memory and data capacity
  • Unstable communication environment

What solutions are there when Pokémon GO isn’t launching or is launching slowly?

  • Change your device model
  • Do not make unauthorized modifications to your device
  • Maintain sufficient data capacity
  • Regularly close apps
  • Improve the communication environment

The problem of Pokémon GO not launching or launching slowly should be solved by following the solutions that I have described here.

In situations such as when you are on a bus, slow launch times could lead to you missing the opportunity to capture some Pokémon.

You should do what you can to solve the problems yourself, but if nothing works you should definitely contact customer services!

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