Possible causes and solutions for the forced termination and crashing of Pokemon GO


In this article, we’ll be looking at the potential causes for the forced termination and crashing of Pokemon GO and how to solve these problems.

The ingame data for Pokemon GO continues to get compressed through updates.

This compression of data can cause forced termination and crashing, with potential for causing other issues too.

There are two types of updates, so let’s have a look at the solutions for both.

What is the cause of “forced termination and crashing” in Pokemon GO?

The majority of issues regarding forced termination and crashing are affected by updates.

Another cause is the congestion of the lines immediately after the update, when the data volume is massive due to the update.

When this occurs, you might have to come straight back from your Pokemon GO excursion.

There are 2 kinds of updates, the update of the application itself, and the update of the operating system.

In case of an update to the application itself, the data volume won’t be as large and there are solutions.

However, for the OS updates, the data volume is enormous, the update takes time and on top of it all solutions are limited.

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What should you do to solve the problem of forced termination and crashing in Pokemon GO?

@ Play or update when the communication environment is stable

Immediately after the update, access is crowded due to data update.

As the network is more crowded than usual, forcibly playing or updating can lead to crashes.

For this reason, it is advisable that you leave at least an hour before resuming play.

Make free space for data

Even if you think that there is ample space, your storage can easily be filled up with large updates.

You should take measures such as moving and deleting unnecessary data.

B Observe the updates

There is a higher chance of OS updates causing serious problems.

You probably receive update notifications on a daily basis, but you should ignore these when problems are being reported.


What are the causes for the forced termination and crashing of Pokemon GO?

  • The stability of the communication environment was affected by updates and such.
  • There is insufficient free storage space for the data
  • Affected by OS updates and such

What are the solutions for forced termination and crashes on Pokemon GO?

  • Play and update when the communication environment is stable
  • Keep your data organized regularly
  • Time your OS updates

Forced termination and crashing doesn’t just concern Pokemon GO and can become a general problem for your smartphone.

You should be careful when playing Pokemon GO, as you absolutely want to avoid causing damage to the data of your smartphone itself.

Please keep in mind that updates should not be handled casually! !





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