Reasons why Fate/GrandOrder is crashing or forced to quit, and how to fix the problem


It sometimes happens that Fate is crashing or forced to quit because the beautiful graphics need much data capacity.

Here are some of the reasons why this might be happening, and how to fix this problem.

Try these tips when you sometimes face to the problem.

Terminate other apps except Fate

Some apps remain running underground, even you thought that you terminate it.

It is said as multitask that multiple apps are running at the same time.

Your device might move slowly when you try to do some tasks at the same time.

You need to terminate the multitasks to improves processing speed.

For iPhone

  • Tap the home button twice
  • Open multitask screen
  • Choose the app to terminate
  • Swipe (slide) the thumbnail of the app up

For Android

  • Hold down home button
  • Open multitask screen
  • Choose the app to terminate
  • Swipe (slide) app thumbnails side

The operations are similar, but for iPhone swipe the thumbnails up and for Android side.

The movement of wide for iPhone or up for Android is used to choose apps.

After clearing the all multitask, open Fate.

In case the speed is not improved, try to restart your devices.

You might also reduce the load by restarting.

Open and run only Fate app on your device.

スポンサード リンク

In case the game developer force to quit the app

The game developer might force to quit Fate.

Check the official website when you face to the crash problem you cannot solve with clearing the multitask or restarting your device.

Due to a bug in the game, some users had been forced to terminate before.

The problem has been solved but some new bugs might happen due to update.

Not limited to malfunction of the game itself, there are multiple reasons that login is restricted, such as server congestion and maintenance.

The developer will inform when they terminate the app, so please check their website.

You can also check the information of the emergency maintenance on the website.Retry login more than 30 minutes after the end of the maintenance.

In case there is no information from the developer, only a few users face to the problem.

Perhaps the developer might not recognize the issue.

Ask the developer if you cannot login for a long time.

You may contact to the developer from the Fate app or official website.

The following information is necessary to inquire.

  • User ID
  • Master name
  • Date of birth
  • When you faced to the problem?

Give them your user information and what kind of problem happened.

In case you are not sure your user ID, check the takeover code.

Give them information as much as possible then the developer might be easy to identify the problem and recover it.

After inquiry, check the official website and wait for a response from the developer.

The developer might inform how to solve the problem if many users face to the similar problems.

Summary of what to do if Fate is crashing or forced to quit

Here are some of the reasons why Fate is crashing or forced to quit. If your device moves slowly, it might be one of the reasons

Or the game developer restricts the login.

  • Clear multitask
  • Login again after a while

The problem might be solved by these steps.

In case you cannot login, check the official website or ask the developer.





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