Reasons why Fate/GrandOrder dose not start, and how to fix the problem | アプリ不具合まとめ

Reasons why Fate/GrandOrder dose not start, and how to fix the problem



Here are some of the reasons why this might be happening, and how to fix this problem.

You might solve the problem by yourself, so please try these tips.


Check your device

First, you should doubt your device.

  • Lack of storage space
  • Your device is running slowly
  • Unstable internet connection

Lack of storage space is often the cause of the problem. If you have downloaded many games or apps or browsing websites with many pictures, it might happen.

Lets uninstall apps that you do not use.

You could uninstall apps expect the apps originally installed in your device.

Also, you could clear your cache.

However, you should be careful that some pictures you have downloaded in your device might be removed.

Before starting to clear the cache, move your data or pictures into your SD card or other folders.

It is better to bookmark the website you are watching since it would be closed also.

It also causes for the reason why your device is running slowly.

Try to restart the Fate app after make the storage space in your device.

In case the app does not start, you would have another reason for that.

Under the unstable internet connection, you might not move forward from the first screen.

Check the following points whether you are using LTE or WiFi.


  • Restart your device
  • Check if your device catches the internet connection
  • Try to start another apps
  • Switch from LTE to Wi-Fi


  • Restart your device
  • Check if the network you selected
  • Check if the network is not switching to other networks
  • Try to start another apps
  • Switch from Wi-Fi to LTE

Some users succeeded to restart Fate apps by restarting the device or switch the network (LTE or Wi-Fi).

Try to restart your device and reset the network.

In case your device does not connect well, you might restart the app under the stable internet connection.

Sometimes Wi-Fi switches to another network automatically.

Under the many Wi-Fi networks, it is better not to connect to Wi-Fi.

It is recommended to check the Wi-Fi frequently or leave the area.

スポンサード リンク

Any other causes?Operation you should not do

Some users might be faced to terminate the Fate app.

There is no solution yet.

You have to wait that the app developer solves the problem.

You could restart the game, but it is not recommended because you might loose your servants or cards.

  • Uninstall Fate
  • Reinstall

You could uninstall and reinstall the app, but there is the hight risk of loss of the game data.

Usually, you could issue the takeover code to avoid the risk.

However, in case you cannot start the app, the takeover code would not be issued either you might not start the game again.

Once you uninstall and remove your game data, even the app developer could not recover your data.

You might “lose the game data”, “not be able to start the app”, “not be able to recover the data”, “not be able to get the compensation items such as stones”.

Do not reinstall by yourself, wait for the developer’s announcement.

You could get the information from the official site so check it frequently.

Summary of what to do if you are unable to start Fate

First, check your device when the Fate app does not start.

  • Keep enough space in your device by clearing cache or removing other apps
  • Try to switch internet connection (LTE or Wi-Fi)
  • Restart the device

In case you cannot solve the problem with the above steps, the game developer might force to terminate the game or set the limit of the number of log-in users.

Check the official website and wait until the problem is solved.

Be careful. It is not recommended to try to solve the problem by yourself!