Reasons why Fate/GrandOrder might not be updating and how to fix the problem | アプリ不具合まとめ

Reasons why Fate/GrandOrder might not be updating and how to fix the problem



In case you might not update the app after the maintenance of Fate.Please try following steps.

Here are some of the reasons why this might be happening, and how to fix this problem.


The problem might be fixed on your device

The problem might come from your device, no the app’s update.

Check your device with the following steps.

  • Restart the app
  • Restart the device
  • Change the internet network
  • Increase the storage space

Restart the app

Please try to restart the app since the problem happened because of the unnormal process.

Open the multitasking screen (iPhone: press the Home button twice, Android: hold down the Home button), and completely remove the application.

During these process, do not open or run any other applications include Fate.

Start Fate again from the apps list and go to the store following the update message.

If you see “update”, please download the update file.

Restart the device

If you cannot find the “update”, restart your device as the next step.

The issues might be fixed by restarting and terminating all apps or programs on your device.

Sometimes other programs prevent downloading.

In this case, the problem might be fixed by restarting and terminating. After restarting, please try to update in normal process.

Change the internet network

In case you cannot update yet even you followed the above steps restarting apps or device, you might have a network problem.

If you are using Wi-Fi, please check the connection.

In case you are moving or you have multiple choice of network, you need to check the connection.

Sometimes your network connection is switched to another one

Turn off the Wi-Fi connection, and switch to the correct network.

You might be able to update when you switch the network from Wi-Fi to LTE.

Increase the storage space

In case you still cannot update trying the above steps…

In case you can click the update but you cannot download the apps or terminate downloading

the problem might be the shortage of storage space in your device.

If you keep your pictures or music in your device, please move them into the SD card.

You might be able to make your storage space.

You need to hold enough storage space since Fate needs big data space for updating.

スポンサード リンク

Clear the cache of the device

if you still cannot find “update” on your app store…

the cache might remain in your device.

Your device remembered the data to open the website or games you have seen or used.

It calls “cache” and it helps to shorten the time to see the website or games, but it might be better to clean the cache frequently.

Your device moves slowly because of the too much data kept as the cache.

The cache might occupy your storage space. So it is recommended to delete the cache regularly.

If you are iPhone user, your gameplay data might be deleted. Please follow the steps not to delete your data.

For iPhone

To delete cached data, it is necessary to delete the app and reinstall.

It is better to note the takeover code since the gameplay data of Fate might be deleted with.

  • Note the user ID, master name, and date of birth
  • Notes the main servants and party organizations
  • Note the takeover code and password

Please remove the cache (or reinstall the app) after preparing for takeover.

It is not recommended to delete the cache if you have not prepared them.

Inquire that you might not update the apps to the Fate official website.

For Android

You can delete the cache only on the Google Play store.

  • Open app page from setting
  • Tap Google Play (Google Play store)
  • Tap Clear Cache
  • Tap Clear Data

After clear or delete the data, restart Fate app and go to the Google Play store following the message.

You see the “update”? Well done. You have succeeded to clear the cache.And just upload the app.

It is not necessary to delete the game app in case of Android.

You just need to clear the cache on the Google Play store.

Summary of what to do if you are unable to update in to Fate

First, check your device if you cannot update Fate app.

If you cannot find any problem on your device, try to clear the cache or the app or store.

  • Restart the app
  • Restart the device
  • Change the internet network
  • Increase the storage space
  • Restart the app

Be careful when you clear the cache.

In case of iPhone, you need to issue the takeover code first.

If you worry about it, ask to the official site.