Possible causes and remedies for not being able to update Pokemon GO | アプリ不具合まとめ

Possible causes and remedies for not being able to update Pokemon GO



In this article we’ll be looking at the possible reasons behind Pokemon GO not launching and how to fix these.

When you launch Pokemon GO, on some occasions the game will not start up.

This means that the game itself isn’t launching, and, seeing that Pokemon GO is mostly played outdoors, this is quite troublesome right?

So let’s have a quick look at how we can fix this error so that your excursion doesn’t become meaningless.


What is the cause of Pokemon GO not starting?

The severity of the possible causes for Pokemon GO not starting vary from light to grave.

I’ve written down the various causes and solutions, including the following heading, so please use the suitable one.

@ Not using a recommended terminal or operation guaranteed terminal

There are operation guaranteed terminals and recommended terminals for the optimal playing of Pokemon GO.

As the version of the game is updated, it is possible that some terminals become unsupported and the guarantee of operation is lost.

Especially as Pokemon GO is a modern updated game, there are many cases where people can’t play it with older terminals.

If you continue playing the game on such devices, it may lead to deeper problems than the game not starting.

A Unauthorized modifications to the device

The illegal acquisition of items through the use of illegal tools and such can lead to data corruption which in turn causes the game not to start.

If this is found out by the management your account may be blocked.

B Insufficient data storage capacity

This is a situation where there isn’t sufficient storage space for the updated data.

A lack of sufficient data storage space may lead to the game not starting.

? Insufficient memory in the device

If too much cache is accumulated by the simultaneous use of multiple applications, the game may not launch due to insufficient memory.

Other applications will also be unusable, but this is a rare occurrence.

スポンサード リンク

What solutions are there when Pokemon GO “does not start”?

@ Change your device model

The best solution would be to change your device to a compatible model!!

Although it is possible to continue using your old device, these may include illegal usage and so should not be undertaken lightly.

A Do not cheat

You should respect the ingame manners and rules while taking care to never cheat.

B Delete or move unnecessary data

You may not be able to save updated data if your storage is filled with unnecessary apps and photos and such.

You should delete or move unnecessary data in order to free up some space.

? Close applications

When closing unused apps, an app that allows you to switch them all off at once can be convenient.

You should make it a habit to immediately close apps once you’ve stopped using them.

D Restart your device

This can fix the problems in some cases, so you should try it first.


What are the causes for Pokemon GO ‘not starting’?

  • You are using an uncertified device or a non-recommended device
  • You cheated
  • There is insufficient storage space or memory on your device

What are the solutions for when Pokemon GO “does not start”?

  • Change your device model
  • Never cheat
  • Periodically manage data
  • Close the application
  • Reboot

The solutions given here should solve the problem of Pokemon GO “not starting”.

If the problem persists, please contact the Pokemon GO customer services.

With Pokemon GO used mainly outdoors, it would be such a shame to go out for nothing right?

Especially in the countryside, where Pokéstops are few and far between.

So let’s all pay attention to how we play Pokémon GO so as to avoid as much as possible these situations.

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