Reasons why Monster Strike crashes and shuts down and what you can do about it


Monster Strike is a nationally popular smartphone game, and you could even say that not playing the game would place you in a minority.

The huge popularity of the game increases the number of updates, leading to several inconveniences each month.

Among these inconveniences, forced shutdowns and crashes are especially troublesome.

In this article we’ll be looking at reasons why you’re having trouble with crashes and forced shutdowns and how to solve the problem.

Causes for crashes and forced shutdowns in Monster Strike

The likeliest cause for crashing and forced shutdowns is data modification due to updates.

The update can increase the storage it occupies, and access increases immediately after updates.

These cause inconveniences such as forced shutdowns and crashes.

Also, there are two types of updates; the app update and the OS update.

There are several solutions for app updates.

However, concerning OS updates, solutions are limited as the problem lies within the operating system itself.

It’s best not to fiddle with the OS if you don’t know what you’re doing as this may be considered as unauthorized customization and you may be refused for repairs.

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Solutions for when you’re suffering from crashes and forced shutdowns

Use a stable connection

The network can become overloaded with people attempting updates immediately after new update releases.

This is the same as with a container breaking when you try to fit too many objects inside it.

Even if you could get in, you may be cut off from the network midway, leading to crashes and forced shutdowns, so the best thing to do would be to wait for the network to stabilize.

Make sure you have enough storage for the update data

For larger updates, the amount of data for the update can become rather large.

You may be surprised by how quickly it eats up your storage space.

You should use precautionary measures such as delete unused apps and moving images to your SD card to try and maintain enough free storage so that you can update at any given time.

Don’t rush into updates

OS updates contain vast amounts of data and for that reason it is prone to having serious issues.

You can check for notifications regarding inconveniences on social networks and from official sources so you should be sure not to update carelessly.


Reasons for Monster Strike to crash and forcibly shutdown

  • The network is at its limit due to the update
  • OS updates
  • Insufficient storage to store the update data

Solutions for forced shutdowns and crashes in Monster Strike

  • Do not update immediately after updates when the network can be crowded
  • Manage your storage and free up sufficient space for new data
  • Don’t rush OS updates

Crashes and forced shutdown in Monster Strike are troublesome to other players in the multiplayer mode too.

Being annoyed yourself is one thing, but you should think about the other players too and calmly follow the steps to solve the problem.





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